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Phoenic Hologram LogoThe Phoenic Hologram comes directly from a channeled source. It was “co-created with spirit” in 1991 by Dr. SaTerra Vishnu, DOM A.P. It is a sacred geometry symbol that energetically translates into “love within love.” On a quantum level the phoenic hologram symbol enters the morphic field with specific colors and sacred geometry. It translates into the power of love as it is needed.

Given as a gift to humankind, it has unlimited practical uses. Most importantly, in today’s electromagneticly polluted world. The Hologram Symbol is a quantum tool that alters, heals, uplifts, and protects from electro pollution.

The Phoenic Hologram protects you from Electromagnetic Frequency damage on a cellular level from your cell phone, tablets and laptops. Studies show that serious damage occurs and can be neutralized by the hologram’s protective energy. This does not effect the function of your phone or the EMF emitted by the phone but how your cells respond to them.

NOTE: No claims are being made about the waves emitted from devices, only on how the cells respond. This cell response can be measured by Electro Dermal Screening (EDS) with tests done by certified EDS practitioners

NOTE: The Phoenic Hologram produced is under very stringent color specifications. The synergistic effect of these color frequencies along with precise sacred geometry configurations, create a vibrational resonance. The Phoneic Hologram can not be reproduced by photocopy, ink jet or laser printer. If copied by these means, the stringent color specifications will not be met and the Phoenic Hologram will not be effective.

Color correct, Phoenic Hologram products are sold from this web site, approved retail stores and sales representatives. Inquires about becoming a retail seller or an independent distributor are welcome.

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