Dr. Saterra Vishnu, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, has always been a seeker of truth and illumination and has been on the cutting edge of alternative medicine, spirituality and the study of quantum physics. SaTerra practices the integration of the mind, body and spirit. His training as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture, Homeopath and Bio-energetic Medicine Practitioner as well as a black belt in martial arts gives him a unique perspective on health, healing and how to achieve this in your own life. He has a private practice in central Florida and is available for personal consultations and appointments. Many health issues can be resolved remotely by phone or video chat and subsequent testing. His multi-discipline approach has helped many patients achieve improved health and wellness after years of unsuccessful treatment with standard American medicine and other alternative treatments. His 30 years of experience make all the difference!

Dr. Vishnu can be contacted by phone or email through the “contact” tab on this website.