“My Electrical Outlets Were Poisoning Me!”
Did you know that you are exposing yourself to Toxic Electro-Magnetic Energy?
When your bed’s headboard is placed near an electrical outlet OR the outside electrical service apparatus.

My name is Lonnie. For years, I had been plagued with my heart pounding in my head when I would go to bed.
When my husband was alive, I would tell him that I couldn’t sleep because I had a terrible pounding in my head. He had the same feeling but he blamed it on high blood pressure.

When I finally found Dr. V, I mentioned the pounding in my head to him, he said something was very wrong on my property.

One day, I realized that the electrical service apparatus where the power comes into my home was just a few feet from the head of my bed. I got a few sheets of the Phoenic Hologram and taped them to the wall behind my bed. The relief was immediate!

I have not had the problem since. The Phoenic Hologram is just remarkable!

Lonnie Mack
Umatilla, Florida

My personal experience with the pheonic hologram includes my whole family. We have been using the stickers for a few years now, and we feel less anxiety internally near our chest (heart/throat chakra) when using personal smart devices with the sticker. My husband gets vivid dreams when sleeping near a paper sized hologram.

What I did not expect was my toddler aged daughter sleeping 8 hours per night on average instantly when we added a poster sized hologram to the wall facing outside (all we see is the white back). She sleeps on the wall where the ac unit is outside and it has a smart meter for our electricity there also. She still woke up occasionally and we added a second poster, helping calm her more. Prior to the poster she woke up on the hour and it was straining on the whole family.

I wish this pheonic hologram was available to all, since we are all inundated with these damaging frequencies all the time. It is hard to explain, but when you see the results, it is a no brainer!

-Jackie (Florida)-