The Phoenic Hologram protects you from Electromagnetic Frequency damage on a cellular level from your cell phone, tablets and laptops. Studies show that serious damage occurs and can be neutralized by the hologram’s protective energy. This does not effect the function of your phone or the EMF emitted by the phone but how your cells respond to them.



The Phoenic Hologram can reduce the electromagnetic pollution which impacts your sleep environment. The poster hung behind the headboard or placed under the bed rejuvenates the cells during sleep. Place a small poster over electrical outlets near your bed for deeper healthful sleep by reducing electromagnetic pollution.


Use the Phoenic Hologram for all foods to negate the frequencies of food preservatives and raise the frequency of your nutrition. Simply place a Life Card under your plate or the food item.

Microwave Ovens

Place a Life Card or poster on your microwave oven to neutralize the damaging EMFs emitted.

Miscellaneous Household Items

Use to neutralize electromagnetic effects from computer towers, cordless phones, televisions, gaming equipment and baby monitors.

Homeopathic Remedies and Nutraceuticals

Place a small poster or Life Card in your cabinet to protect vibrationally sensitive remedies and maintain the effectiveness of herbs and vitamins.

Quartz Watches

Place a symbol on the back of quartz watches to counteract the detrimental effects of the overstimulation of the sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous system caused by the quartz. This over stimulation can lead to exhaustion and poor digestion.